09 December 2014
Walgreens, the largest drugstore chain in the United States, and TEKGROUP International, Inc., an award-winning online newsroom software and services company, today announced the launch of Walgreens’ new online newsroom. A TEKGROUP client since 2007, Walgreens moved to TEKGROUP’s v.11 responsive design platform to accommodate a growing number of mobile users. The updated newsroom also includes integrated social media and a Multimedia section for videos, photos, logos and other branding elements.
Walgreens new online newsroom was redesigned with mobile and multimedia in mind.
“It is exciting to see our clients adopting new technologies such as responsive design," said TEKGROUP Partner and Co-Founder Steve Momorella, who noted that more than 20% of the traffic to the Walgreen’s newsroom comes from mobile devices. "Walgreens continues to be a leader in what it takes to have a successful online newsroom—a steady stream of relevant and insightful content," he added.

While Walgreens.com serves as the ecommerce and store information site for consumers, news.walgreens.com serves as a resource for journalists, investors, and other specialized audiences. Despite the professional focus, the Walgreens newsroom also offers information of great importance to consumers, such as the Walgreens Weekly Flu Index.
The Walgreens Weekly Flu Index help both journalists and everyday people keep up with flu outbreaks.



Steve Momorella

Online Public Relations
Email: steve@tekgroup.com
Phone: 734-945-7790
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