23 August 2018
Responding to the current desires of their news consumers whom prefer an emphasis on social connections, timely and relevant news and community interest stories, three organizations have reinvented their newsrooms to meet the needs of their audience.
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Arc'teryx, an outdoor retailer based in Canada, recently launched their online newsroom taking advantage of the elements that journalists and news consumers alike have stated they would like to see.  The highlights of their newsroom include featured news stories with images, email alerts (which 98% of journalists want) and a social media wall that feature all things Arc'teryx on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram
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Sprint’s recently relaunched online newsroom  includes an advanced search option which allows journalists and news consumers to search by date, keywords and tags.  They also have a featured blog section which is “a place where we discuss innovative ideas and offer updates about our company, our industry and the advances in mobile technology we all use for staying connected, having fun and getting things done."
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Lenovo just recently went from a traditional newsroom to a “StoryHub”. Their newly launched StoryHub focuses on “diversity and inclusion”, “corporate”, “innovation” and “citizenship”.  One can read about “skilling and transforming India’s Next Gen Workforce” or “Lenovo’s Go-Getter Gaming Team” who are proving that gaming is for anyone regardless of age.

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