28 July 2009
POMPANO BEACH, FLA, July 28, 2009 – TEKgroup International, Inc. has been known as the official online newsroom provider for the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)   (http://media.prsa.org) since 2005. TEKgroup and PRSA continue their partnership, and now extend benefits to the PRSA Independent Practitioners Alliance (IPA) (http://ipa.prsa.org).    
As an IPA Discount Services Provider, TEKgroup will work closely with individual practitioners to ensure access to online newsroom literature, training, demonstrations and technical support needed to present to the practitioner’s client base. The online newsroom is a website that houses an organization’s public relations material and distributes email alerts and feeds to social media environments.
The program will also provide a discount to members within the IPA section, enabling public relations entrepreneurs to generate additional revenue by offering supplementary products and services without the cost of adding technical staff. TEKgroup will handle the paperwork by invoicing the member’s client directly. The IPA member will claim income and manage invoices for management and creation of online newsroom content.
About PRSA Public Relations Society of America Independent Practitioners Alliance (IPA) – http://ipa.prsa.org
The IPA section’s purpose is to strengthen the independent sector of the public relations industry, be an advocate for independents within PRSA, advance business opportunities and create tailored networking and professional development opportunities. The IPA section is open to any PRSA member who is an independent or considering becoming one, or who would like to learn more about this growing sector of the PR industry.
About TEKgroup International, Inc. – www.tekgroup.com
TEKgroup International, Inc. is an award-winning Internet software and services company that develops online newsrooms and e-business software solutions for the public relations industry. TEKgroup clients include AAA, Accenture, Carlson Hotels Worldwide, CIGNA, Detroit Lions, Ford Motor Company, PRSA, Prudential Financial, Starbucks, VMS, and Walgreens.
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