06 December 2014
As part of an integrated communications initiative, T-Mobile has launched a new online newsroom to serve media professionals, investors, and consumers seeking news and information about the company and its products. The mobile-friendly responsive site, fully branded in T-Mobile’s signature pink, provides a real-time look into the company from multiple perspectives. It's an example of brand journalism at its best.

The T-Mobile newsroom homepage: pretty AND effective in pink

The newsroom also serves as a home for the company’s press releases, video galleries, image galleries, financial information and their Issues & Insights Blog, which serves multiple audiences, including the company’s 40,000 employees and 53 million cellular customers. The blog carries the subtitle, "Network Building Un-carrier Style," demonstrating that a newsroom can bring with it a company's brand voice and even a little playfulness. T-Mobile also uses the blogging tool to give people throughout their organization—from such diverse areas as the C-suite, Government Affairs, Marketing, and Regulatory Affairs —a platform to contribute content and offer insights.  

The Issues & Insights Blog on the "Un-carrier's" news site 
Fully-integrated with multiple social media platforms, the new T-Mobile newsroom also handles many "traditional" PR tasks with aplomb. A great example is the Media Kits section, where the company combines a featured news story (e.g., “T-Mobile Unveils Data Stash”) with photos, videos, fact sheets and logos to create a complete digital press kit that can be easily downloaded by business and tech journalists, employees and consumers. With this simple move, T-Mobile saves a bundle on printing and mailing costs. 
 A featured story combined with photos, videos, logos and fact sheets makes a complete digital press kit.
Steve Momorella, Co-founder of TEKGROUP International, said, “T-Mobile has long been an innovation leader in the wireless industry; with their new online newsroom, they become a leader in the digital PR industry as well. Focused on storytelling and offering relevant, interesting content well beyond the traditional press release, the new T-Mobile newsroom offers video galleries, photo and logo galleries, constantly updated news stories, and an integrated blog series showcasing thought leadership thoughout their organization. All of these features are prized by journalists and news consumers, which is why this site will become a highly trafficked and effective resource for multiple audiences.” 



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