06 November 2007

: A new study by Bulldog Reporter and TEKgroup International shows that reporters across all media are increasingly dependent on blogs, RSS feeds, online newsrooms, and other Internet sources of information. 


About 73% said they visit an online newsroom or corporate Web site to conduct research at least once per week and 69% said they read one or more blogs regularly.


“[Journalists] can research immediately and publish breaking news,” said Ibrey Woodall, director of marketing and sales for TEKgroup International. “There are more deadlines and they're tighter.”


PR professionals must be sure that they're sending information that's pertinent to a journalist's beat and categorizing online newsrooms for simple searches, Woodall adds.


37% say they receive RSS feeds for updates on blogs, podcasts, and other news services. Among consumer electronics reporters, half said they receive five or more RSS feeds.


Nevertheless, 52% say they never seek out audio or visual materials and 33% say they never visit Web sites like YouTube or Facebook. However, this statistic is also beat-specific, with only 14% of entertainment journalists saying they never go to social media sites.


The first-ever survey was conducted October 4-10 with data collected from 2,046 respondents; 47% were editors or editorial staff and 35% were reporters.


The study also found that 77% of respondents refer to local papers for news, 62% rely on The New York Times, and 50% turn to Google News.


As published in PRWeek, November 05, 2007

By Tonya Garcia


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