07 December 2011
TEKGROUP was featured today in an article penned by Lisa Buyer for Search Engine Watch. The topic was content marketing, something that we've been big proponents of for a long time. Like others, we are starting to see more and more organizations leverage their online newsroom for content marketing.
Focusing targeted content on a wide array of constituents including employees, partners, suppliers, investors, analysts, customers and general news consumers is a trend that is only reinforced by social media. Being able to create targeted content that is quickly digestable and shareable is becoming part of the tactics that communications professionals are using to build brand equity and increase awareness.
In the article, organizations such as Bank of America and Starbucks were highlighted by Ms. Buyer as examples of successfully leveraging content marketing to help drive traffic and generate conversation around products and services.
Launched by Lisa Buyer in 2006, The Buyer Group leverages more than 15 years of public relations and branding expertise, talent and resources. Sparked by the desire to personify her style and brand mindset, Lisa decided to go solo with a company she could call her own.
We'd like to personally thank Lisa for including TEKGROUP in this article about online newsrooms and content marketing.
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