When considering an online newsroom, there are several key components that should be taken into account. The newly launched Renown Health online newsroom is a great example of a best-in-class newsroom containing all of the elements that journalists expect as well as frequently updated and relevant content.

In News Section
These are third party endorsements from other media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, trade publications and news outlets. Why would you not want to highlight all the wonderful things people are saying about your company or organization?  
Email alerts
Journalists prefer email alerts over any other type of news alert. Having an email alert option allows journalists and other parties that are interested in your organization or news about your organization to receive an email when you have news to share. This is a group that is vested in your company and chooses to receive information- utilize them!
Quick Ideas
This section highlights Renown’s subject matter experts in important and current topics such as “Car Seat Safety Tips from the Experts” and “What’s News This Flu Season?” Every organization has subject matter experts. Put them to use in creating content for your newsroom and in turn boosting your SEO.
Social media wall
Including a social media wall on your online newsroom is a fairly new and exciting idea. Highlighting your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts within your newsroom allows for news consumers to see exactly what is going on with your company – all in one place. Including embedded social media elements in your online newsroom also helps provide fresh, updated content for your site as well as giving others opportunities to share your news with their followers.

Press releases with images and vanity URL
Continually updating content on your newsroom is imperative. Utilizing images and a vanity URL helps maximize SEO on this frequently updated content and we all know search engine optimization is key in your website showing up near the top of Google searches.
Advanced search
Frequently when journalists are writing an article or post about your organization, it is something from the past. By including an advanced search, you are setting them up for success in finding the information that they seek. For the best success, include a dated search and key work search.  
The Renown Health online newsroom meets all of the content expectations that journalists have for a reliable, trustworthy news source. Well beyond traditional press releases and photos, Renown has included social media, brand journalism and other resources to allow their news content to gain maximum exposure.

For more information or to learn more about the Renown Health online newsroom, please contact Steve Momorella at steve@tekgroup.com
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