18 December 2015
"In the six years that PR News has inducted campaigns into its Platinum Hall of Fame as part of the Platinum PR Awards, only the most iconic and time-tested campaigns have made the cut. PR News looks for communications initiatives launched at least three years prior to their induction and are poised to be a part of the cultural lexicon for years to come."- PRNEWSONLINE
Prudential Financial Online Newsroom http://www.prnewsonline.com/awards/platinum/2015/10/27/pr-news-inducts-impactful-campaigns-into-its-platinum-pr-hall-of-fame/attachment/2013_platinum-pr-awards_online-press-room-media-center_prudential-financial-2/

According to PRNEWSONLINE, the success of the Prudential Newsroom lies in its intuitive design. It allows easy access to journalists and consumers a like by giving them an up to date "in the news section", media contacts, executive bios, multimedia, research and featured articles. Prudential's team realized that everyone is a publisher and created their newsroom for the masses and not just journalists.
In creating the newsroom, TEKGROUP and Prudential gathered research to gain an understanding of what journalists want to see when they look for information about a company.  By promoting feature stories and thought leadership pieces the company was able to see higher engagement and increase the numbers of visitors to its online newsroom since its inception almost a decade ago.

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