02 February 2012
The final results of a national survey conducted by TEKGROUP International highlighting the importance of creating and frequently maintaining an online newsroom as a centralized headquarters of communications content for your organization. The online survey - which specifically measured acceptance, use, and expectations of working journalists toward corporate and organizational online newsrooms - garnered more than 1,000 responses in three waves of polling from November 15, 2011 through January 15, 2012.

Over the past fourteen years, journalists have increasingly found online newsrooms useful and important. In our research, we tried to measure frequency of usage, overall importance, and expectations. And, not surprisingly in today’s digital media environment, expectations are understandably high. 98% of journalists think it somewhat important (15%), important (33%), or very important (49%) for a company or organization to have an online newsroom available to the press. Moreover, 28% of working journalists visit a corporate online newsroom once a week with 26% indicating they visit every day.

In the past, small-to-medium sized organizations might have thought that having an online newsroom was only for large companies. But with the rise in social media and the increasing need for search engine optimized content, all organizations need to take advantage of an online newsroom. 87% of journalists surveyed said they visit both large and small-to-medium sized organization online newsrooms.

When asked about the usefulness of an online newsroom, as you would expect, journalists sing their praises. 82% agreed that using an online newsroom increases their productivity, 86% said that they’d be using an online newsroom in the next six months, and 78% said they actually like working with online newsrooms. Providing easy-tofind, relevant, timely content is certainly one way to help increase your chances of coverage.

Feel free to download the full Online Newsroom Survey Report.

Some interesting statistics are provided in graphic format below.


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