13 July 2016
FLASH, the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, recently launched a new online newsroom highlighting multimedia, social media, and a visually appealing, mobile-friendly design. The new site, located at http://newsroom.flash.org, provides a centralized communications hub for journalists and news consumers to access news, videos, safety tips, press kits, and other timely and relevant information.

In addition to the standard newsroom information such as company facts, press releases, and photos, the new site provides specific journalist resources, an integrated blog, and disaster safety lists to help home owners better prepare for potential calamitous events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding.

The site administrators are consistently publishing compelling content aimed at better informing not only journalists, but the general public. Stories such as "How to Stop Wildfires Before They Start" and "Which Tornado Safe Room is Right for You" give journalists story ideas to help them create their own news articles, while at the same time offering practical tips for home owners.

Social integration is another key component of the newly launched site with more than 50 integrated YouTube videos, photo galleries, and embedded social sharing links throughout the site. The newsroom is also the home for FLASH's monthly email newsletter, Partners in Prevention, which provides stories and partner experiences along with updates, political news, and disaster information.

Online newsrooms are a great tool for centralizing communications content and with an organization such as FLASH, where timely news is critical, the new website has done just that. Relevant, useful, and timely information provided on a consistent basis and presented in a visually appealing manner is sure to make their new online newsroom a success.

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