01 July 2009

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., July 01, 2009 - TEKgroup International, Inc., developers of online content management software, will expand their social media footprint with a new community entitled AmpMyVoice. The community, currently under development, is a news feed Web site that showcases topical stories.

Registered users of the site will be alerted to articles related to selected subject matter, including world, politics, sports, economy, entertainment and science. Users will also be able to create personalized pages that display preferred categories and subcategories. As the AmpMyVoice slogan “Be Heard…” indicates, users will be empowered to express personal views via postings. These viewpoints will also be delivered to a list of constituents relevant to that particular topic.

“We are excited to be partnering with AmpMyVoice in this new venture. Our hope is that we provide the perfect mix of news and social media to engage and interact with people inspired by current events,” explained Steve Momorella, partner and co-founder of TEKgroup International, Inc.

“My experience has been that people have strong opinions about the countless issues that affect their lives. However, the time and effort required to communicate those opinions to a targeted audience is overwhelming. The concept of AmpMyVoice is to create a central source for news and information relating to the topics that a user is passionate about, and to provide a variety of tools that can be utilized to effectively express the user's opinions on those topics,” said Jesse Little, founder of AmpMyVoice.

Other features within AmpMyVoice accommodate interaction around a specific topic. This includes a “Hot Topics” list based on current trends, polls, petitions, rankings, and related links.

The AmpMyVoice community is scheduled for official launch in September 2009.

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TEKgroup International, Inc. is an award-winning Internet software and services company that develops online newsrooms with social media integration, and e-business software solutions. TEKgroup clients include AAA, Accenture, Carlson Hotels Worldwide, CIGNA, Detroit Lions, Ford Motor Company, PRSA, Prudential Financial, Starbucks, VMS, and Walgreens.



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