15 November 2011
Hip, stylish new detoxicant revitalization drink available nationally
TEKGROUP would like to congratulate BZKLR, a detoxifying nutritional supplement powder drink, on the launch of their new web site, online store, and social media marketing initiative. BZKLR is a nutritional supplement that promotes the removal of toxins from the body. The BZKLR online newsroom will highlight events, news, videos and photo galleries from promotions and fans. Bars and restaurants interested in making BZKLR available can join an affiliate program and complete orders online.
Specifically the product was formulated to supercharge the liver to counteract the toxins associated with the consumption of alcohol. bzklr’s ingredients will help replenish nutrients, support healthy liver function, and help your body process alcohol. For more information, there is an FAQ on the web site that has detailed information about the product.
The web site is built on the TEKGROUP Online Newsroom platform and includes integrated video, news releases, and an affiliate program where restaurants, clubs, and bars can sign up to become distributors of BZKLR. The online newsroom will be used to communicate directly with affiliates, users, and the media and will include video and photo galleries of BZKLR events.
The online store includes branded merchandise as well as orders for the product in small and large quantities. For a limited time, free samples are being provided to those who sign up at the site. "We are glad to be a part of this great product, and by offering an integrated online newsroom, social media, and E-commerce platform, we hope to provide a successful vehicle for the BZKLR team to achieve success," said Steve Momorella, owner, TEKGROUP International.
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