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Software that helps with message management has fast evolved.
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Web accessibility, online newsroom software, more

Online newsrooms
What can online-newsroom software do for me that a basic HTML Web page cannot?

Journalists relay what is expected from an online newsroom

Meaningful trends revealed in 2006 survey
As published in Public Relations Society of America Public Relations Tactics, July 2006
While the corporate communicator sets up and maintains a company's online newsroom, ultimately, the end user is the journalist. As an initial point of interaction, the online newsroom should contain all elements desired by journalists.>

Extending online newsrooms' reach, RSS feeds, and more

As published in PRWeek, April 17, 2006
Our company deals with journalists from a variety of regions. How do we address this in our online newsroom?

Straight from the horse's mouth

As published in PR Week. April 2006
An online pressroom can ensure that journalists get the news from the right source.

How to make your online pressroom more effective

As published in the Sun-Sentinel, April 2006
When it comes to corporate online pressrooms and media relations sites, journalists have simple expectations of companies they're researching or whose executives they need to reach.

Setting up online newsrooms for multinational companies, choosing ANRs or RMTs, and more

As printed in PRWeek PRToolbox, November 28, 2005
Our company has several global offices. I know online newsrooms provide centralized comms, but can one be used to maintain that centralization with such a variety of languages to be considered?

Tips For An Effective Online Newsroom – 2005 style

As newsrooms continue to mature, you, too need to adapt
As published in PRSA Public Relations Tactics, November 2005
Because of the continuing maturation of online newsrooms, we felt it was time to update the original “Tips For An Effective Online Newsroom” article that was first published in the May 2003 issue of Tactics.

What are some essential features of an online pressroom?

As printed in PRWeek, October 17, 2005
Online pressroom necessities, identifying overlooked promotion avenues, and more.