TEKGROUP Releases Online Newsroom Survey Report

Journalists expect your organization to have an online newsroom. In today’s digital era, where news breaks around the clock, millions of people are sharing news stories using social media and fewer journalists are responsible for more content -- your organization needs an online newsroom to remain competitive

What is an Online Newsroom?

It has been thirteen years since the first corporate online newsroom solution was released, but still, even today, I get the question "what is an online newsroom and what can it do for me?". In response, I decided to create a short video demonstration that outlines the key benefits and features of online newsrooms as well as a look at a handful of best-in-class sites.

25 Incredible Online Newsrooms

When doing research for an upcoming PRSA webinar, I decided to put together a list of 25 incredible online newsrooms. Absolutely no scientific method in choosing these specific online newsrooms was used. Informally, I searched online newsroom vendor web sites (including my company, TEKGROUP International) and also looked for previous recommendations from industry leaders such as Deirdre Breakenridge and Lisa Buyer.   

TEKGROUP Clients Featured in Search Engine Watch Article

TEKGROUP was featured today in an article penned by Lisa Buyer for Search Engine Watch. The topic was content marketing, something that we've been big proponents of for a long time. Like others, we are starting to see more and more organizations leverage their online newsroom for content marketing.

TEKGROUP Launches BZKLR Web Site, E-Store & Social Marketing Campaign

TEKGROUP would like to congratulate BZKLR, a detoxifying nutritional supplement powder drink, on the launch of their new web site, online store, and social media marketing initiative. BZKLR is a nutritional supplement that promotes the removal of toxins from the body. The BZKLR online newsroom will highlight events, news, videos and photo galleries from promotions and fans. Bars and restaurants interested in making BZKLR available can join an affiliate program and complete orders online.

Are You a Journalist? Please Take the Online Newsroom Survey

It's that time again! The annual Online Newsroom Survey is being conducted by TEKGROUP International. If you are a journalist or know of any, please send them the link to the survey http://svy.mk/take-our-survey and they will be registered to possibly win an iPAD or iTUNES gift certificates. Each year we ask journalists how they use online newsrooms and what we can do better to make them more useful and engaging. The results will be published in January 2012.

TEKGROUP Hosts First Annual Online Newsroom Summit

TEKGROUP recently hosted the first annual Online Newsroom Summit, a day-long webinar featuring guests from Ford Motor Company, CIGNA, Dunkin' Donuts, and several esteemed PR practitioners such as Deirdre Breakenridge and Lisa Buyer.
Overall more than 700 people registered for the virtual webinar, with more than 200 people finishing up the session at 4PM EST. One of the highlights of the Summit was an interview with Ford Motor Company's Scott Monty on how Ford uses social media, their online newsroom, and various other digital properties to maintain a cohesive and effective communications strategy.

Online Newsroom Summit Webinar to be held September 21

The first Online Newsroom Summit, hosted and moderated by TEKGROUP International, will be held on September 21, online from 9AM to 5PM EST. The Summit will be a day-long webinar featuring some of the leading communicators speaking about online newsrooms, social media, and digital communications. In-depth presentations and discussion will provide attendees with an immersive event focused on all things online newsroom.
Speakers include:
Scott Monty, Ford Motor Company
Patrick Darling, Intel
Tyler Cyr, Dunkin' Donuts
Sarah Lindsay, CIGNA
Deirdre Breakenridge, Mango Marketing
For more information, visit https://www.tekgroup.com/ons2011 or sign-up http://bit.ly/ons2011

TEKGROUP Launches Toyota Social Media Online Newsroom

TEKGROUP recently launched the Toyota USA Social Media Online Newsroom (http://www.toyotanewsroom.com) in a showcase of their latest social media online newsroom platform. Shortly after the launch of the site, Steve Momorella offered an analytical blog post highlighting some of the incredible traffic statistics that the site maintains, which can be found at http://onlinenewsroomresearch.com/2011/04/a-week-in-the-life-of-the-toyota-online-newsroom/
The site features a wealth of images and video, as well as detailed product digital press kits, news stories and other information.

TEKGROUP Releases 2011 Online Newsroom Survey Report

The final results of a national survey conducted by TEKGROUP International, a leading provider of online newsroom software solutions for the communications industry, seem to underscore not only the importance of providing a robust online newsroom as part of a comprehensive communications strategy, but insuring the site has flexibility and functionality that journalists need to complete their work.