10 July 2014

The final results of a national survey conducted by online newsroom technology provider TEKGROUP International underscore the professional uses of social media tools and technology when considering news and corporate information. Is seems today social media news does indeed mean business.

Now in its fifth edition, the annual Social Media News Survey continues to explore the evolving and changing environment in which stakeholders view, manage and share news and information using social media tools and platforms. With corporations and organizations today using social media channels as primary distribution centers for their news and information, leveraging the unique engagement opportunities that social channels provide is critical.

“We know from previous editions of this research that news consumers and content creators are moving to social media in big numbers,” Steve Momorella, TEKGROUP founding partner said. “But what social tools and technologies are winning, and which are falling out of favor? Have certain social media behaviors become habits? What about reliability and credibility of social media news sources? These questions and many more are explored in this research.”

The initial survey results provided several interesting takeaways including:

•       Usage – Respondents are now seasoned social news vets with 68% of them indicating more than 5 years of experience, and 37% saying they “go social” between 1-2 hours per day.

•       Devices – Overwhelmingly the smartphone has become the device of choice for survey respondents with 81% saying they use their primary device daily.

•       Connections – Social news mavens use the tools to connect mostly with people in their profession (90%), followed by family (74%) and people with shared interests (63%).

•       Online Newsroom – Eight of ten survey respondents (83%) at least sometimes visit corporate online newsrooms in support of their following, sharing and posting activities – 31% say they do this frequently.

•       Accuracy/Reliability – 47% of survey respondents say news gathered via social media sources is about the same or better than traditional sources in terms of reliability and accuracy.

•       Importance – More than three quarters (77%) of survey respondents say social media tools have become important in their sharing/recommending activities, with 72% indicating the same for posting/writing news and information.

•       Social Sources – Facebook (86%), Twitter (74%) and LinkedIn (74%) have become the social media sources of choice for our survey respondents.

•       Professional - LinkedIn has become the service of choice for business news with a whopping (58%) of survey respondents using the upstart professional networking service for their sharing and posting activities.

Click this link to download the 2014 Social Media News Report for more information, detailed analysis, graphs and charts, and more surprising results.


Steve Momorella

Online Public Relations
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