16 June 2010
POMPANO BEACH, FL -- (Marketwire) -- 06/16/10 -- Final results of a social media news survey : conducted by TEKGROUP International and Associate Professor Ken Payne of Western Kentucky University seem to underscore the importance of the online newsroom : to corporate communicators and amplify the need for a comprehensive social media news strategy when targeting or influencing key constituents in the social media space.

The survey -- which specifically measured acceptance, use, and attitudes of social media tools to follow, share, and post news and information -- garnered 545 responses from April 15 - May 30, 2010. The study is especially intriguing in its sampling methodology as social media tools were used exclusively to solicit survey respondents.

Although social media seems a recent phenomenon in the press, the majority of social media participants in the survey have been at it for 3-5 years (27%) with 24% indicating they have been avid users of social media tools for more than 5 years. Moreover, many survey respondents indicate they are engaged in social media activity up to 4 hours per day (32%) with most logging around 2 hours per day (34%), either from home (90%) or from work (70%).

"We speak with organizations every single day who are asking us how they can use social media in their communications efforts," said Steve Momorella, VP of Sales & Marketing for TEKGROUP. "The results of this survey show that social media users are incredibly active in following, monitoring, sharing and posting news on a daily basis."

The full report can be downloaded at:
www.tekgroup.com/2010-social-media-news-survey :

Other findings of note include:

  • More than 8 in 10 survey respondents cite the use Twitter and/or Facebook as a source when following, sharing or posting news and information -- roughly twice that of NYT.com. In fact, it appears among avid social media users Wikipedia is used more often than CNN.com as a source to follow, share, and post news.

  • Roughly 40% rate news gathered via social media sources the same as traditional sources in terms of reliability and accuracy. In fact, less than 10% rate the same variables as much less reliable or accurate, with a greater number saying social media news is slightly more reliable (13%) and accurate (12%).


The full report can be downloaded at:
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