09 September 2014

Posted by Laurie Mayers

Social media are even more important to the news creators and consumers we surveyed than they are to the rest of the Internet users.

Pew Research’s Internet Project found earlier this year that 74% of all online adults use social networking sites. Among our respondents, however, only 1% never use social media tools. Here’s how else news mavens are different in their social media habits:

·      84% of our respondents were on Twitter. Pew found that only 19% of online adults use Twitter.

·      96% of our news mavens use LinkedIn, vs. 22% of all online users.

·      96% of our respondents are on Facebook, vs. 71% of all online adult users.

·      87% of adults are online, Pew says. A full 100% of our survey respondents were online, but – trick question -- they wouldn’t have been able to answer our online survey if they hadn’t been.

What do the sophisticated power users we surveyed like to do with social media? They like to know what others are saying: 37% follow at least 200 Twitter feeds, and 68% have more than 200 Facebook friends. They like to keep in touch with fellow professionals (90%), followed by family members (75%) and people who share their hobbies (63%). Those who share their political (36%) or religious (17%) views, and self-help groups (31%) were less important, though they were still significant numbers.

Social networks are slightly more important to them for sharing/recommending (77%) than for creating or writing posts. When it comes to creating content, a surprising number make use of social relationship platforms like Hootsuite. Almost a third of survey respondents (32%) had scheduled 50 or more social posts through one of these tools. 

When it comes to new social apps, however, many don’t bother. 44% of our respondents never use Pinterest (founded in 2010), and 42% never use Instagram (also launched in 2010). Interestingly, at the other end of the spectrum, those who were active there were very active. Almost a quarter (22%) had pinned more than 50 items on Pinterest and more than one-quarter (29%) had posted more than 50 photos on Instagram.

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