It seems as if every company – big or small – has an online newsroom. Most just contain a listing of press releases or a small gallery of images. Typically to maintain a successful, effective online newsroom, there are several key elements that must be followed. Creating and publishing content on a regular basis is of utmost importance, along with ensuring that the content is relevant, shareable and contains some multimedia elements such as photos or videos.

Why are these travel and resort newsrooms best in class?

Socially Integrated

Florida Keys has embedded their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts into their online newsroom so that news consumers can get a quick glimpse at daily updates across their organization. Their news releases contain embedded multimedia and sharing opportunities, making it easy for people to pass along their content to generate increased awareness and visibility.

Visually compelling and mobile friendly

Vail Resorts' newsroom is represented with a compelling visual display, highlighted with featured stories, integrated blog posts, and content from embedded social channels including Twitter and Facebook. Additionally each of their blog posts and press releases includes an image and an SEO boosting vanity URL.

Hub and Spoke

MGM Resorts utilizes one central newsroom to display their latest hotel openings, concerts, ground- breakings, and projects. You are then able to reach each of their individual property newsroom from a top carousel of logos. The process is seamless. VIP press members are also able to login and obtain embargoed stories and images that aren’t available to the general public.

Many travel and resort organizations are taking advantage of the cost savings and increased awareness that can be achieved with an online newsroom. The above examples highlight some features and strategies that you can leverage when updating your online newsroom. Our research reports highlight many best-in-class online newsrooms in various industries.  Sometimes these examples can help inspire your team to consider implementing these ideas as well.  Simply email or click here to set up a quick guided tour of these or other newsrooms that interest you. 


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