Valentine's Day offers a time of recognition and admiration for the people that really matter in our lives. It also brings with it an opportunity to reflect on the things that make our lives better – more simple, manageable, and pleasant. Indulge us, then, a moment of admiration for the online newsroom – that admirable collection of computer code that sits diligently in your task bar waiting to serve and support your public relations efforts.

Hard to admire computer code, you say? Not when it offers so much, and asks so little in return. Things like:

Targeted Distribution – You wouldn’t send a Valentine's card to everyone with the initials PR in the phonebook – so why send a news release to everyone who covers “travel” in a media database? Targeted distributions are cheaper, more effective, and 96% of journalists say they prefer e-mail alerts to other forms of notification. So, send e-mail alerts to people that actively write about your company or industry, and they may send you a nice feature article in return!

Media Monitoring – Remember when you were in elementary school and the teacher made everyone drop their Valentine's cards in special-made boxes sitting on the corner of everyone’s desk? Did you peek in your classmate’s box, just to see how you measured up? Sure you did! The media monitoring function of your online newsroom provides you the ability to search the entire media landscape for love stories, hate letters, and everything in between - and no one ever has to know!

Content Marketing – Do you like me? Check the box –…maybe? We’d send our Valentines cards with this simple question, hoping for a reply. Today updating your social media properties is just a click away from the “publish” button in a well-structured online newsroom. No more waiting. No more hoping. Instant gratification, instant update! What could be more loving than that?

Campaign Reporting – What’d she say? What’d he say? Back in the day the response to a well-targeted Valentine card had to come through back-channels until the interest was verified as true by a third party – usually our best friend at the time. Today if a journalist opens your e-mail pitch, you will know it immediately by simply checking the analytics page of your online newsroom. Okay, it’s not as romantic – but it sure beats “what’d she say?” 

Responsive Design – Not all Valentines cards today are made of paper. Some are electronic! Sent through e-mail or text message, these little spinning-heart affirmations are the joy of every e-sweetheart on your distribution list. But, what if you e-mail the desktop-version link, and your “sweetest pie” reads it on his smart phone? Will it look the same? Will he ever see the “I love you” line at the bottom? Responsive design insures your online newsroom can be viewed on any device – computer screen, tablet, or smart phone – in real time. With mobile delivery being more important to news consumers than ever, the best online newsrooms today are responsive to different screen sizes. Is your online newsroom optimized for mobile?

Content Staging – It’s midnight, I’m tired, and my unsigned Valentines cards sit patiently on my end table awaiting my attention – same place they’ve been sitting for more than a week. Maybe they’ll have belated Valentine's cards on sale tomorrow at Walgreens. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have those Valentines cards all ready to go, scheduled for delivery throughout the week – one a day for five days? The content management system of a well-designed online newsroom allows you to write today and publish tomorrow - or next week, or next month. Now, that’s admirable! 

Advanced Search – Who did I get a Valentines card from last year? Did I send one in return? Luckily, your online newsroom is always prepared to answer such questions about news releases and journalists. And, the ability to search the archives of an online newsroom is always a major concern of journalists on tight deadlines. Give a writer some love – put a link to your search function in the upper-right corner of the online newsroom home page. They’ll love you right back!

So open that browser, pull up your online newsroom dashboard and give your monitor a little hug. Hey, it's Valentine's Day! And if you'd like a quick tour of our online newsroom platform, give us a click.


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