02 September 2014

Posted by Laurie Mayers

If you work in public relations or marketing, you may have heard – for many years now – that the press release is dead.  But our 2014 Social Media News Survey indicates otherwise.

When asked, “How often do you make use of press releases when following, sharing or posting news and information?” about three-quarters (74%) of 171 news consumers and creators surveyed said they did at least sometimes, and 35% used press releases “very often” or “all the time.”

And where are they are looking for the press releases? They start on branded corporate websites. Again, three-quarters (76%) said they at least sometimes use branded corporate websites when following, sharing or posting news and information. This suggests that someone looking for a press release expects to find it somewhere around the main corporate website. This finding argues for offering a prominent link to news pages and online newsrooms from the corporate homepage, as gm.comdoes.

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