Ford Motor Company Online Newsroom - February 2001
When we created our first online newsroom in 1998 for Ford Motor Company, we had no idea that we were helping to usher in a change to traditional PR, journalism, and marketing that was so disruptive and at the same time, so practical. Looking at the volumes of full color glossy press kits that were being FedEx'd to Beijing, Madrid, and hundreds of cities in the United States and seeing a staff of people answering phones and faxing press releases 24x7 seemed to not be the most efficient method of disseminating press and marketing materials. It was late Fall of 1998 and the North American International Automotive Show was approaching in early Janaury. Our online newsroom solution was going to be used to showcase all of the news, events, and press materials including news stories, press releases, press kits, fact sheets, product images, B-roll video, and other research, tech specs, backgrounders and FAQ's. After the launch of the site, and its initial success, we realized that we had created something that all organizations could use to help streamline the distribution and management of their press materials. We had just opened the door to a new way of thinking about public relations, marketing, investor relations, and in general, all corporate communications. This, in our minds, was the birth of the online newsroom industry. December, 1998.
Since that time, our wildest predictions have been surpassed tenfold. With the rise and fall of the dot-com's, the widespread implementation of high-speed Internet including cable modems, DSL and mobile, and most recently the mass appeal of social media, the online newsroom industry has grown from a single vendor to an array of foward-thinking, diverse, and successful organizations that are still just scratching the surface of what is possible. Many Fortune 500 companies now have online newsrooms and journalists, when asked, resoundingly agree that online newsrooms help them do their job and that they are important to an organization. Furthermore, news consumers also use online newsrooms when they are researching products or following important events as they unfold. The online newsroom has become a vital resource to all organizations, big and small in their efforts to cut costs, increase efficiencies, and maximize their reach, awareness and exposure. Are you interested in learning more about how your organization can utilize an online newsroom to extend your brand awareness?
Statistics taken from the 2010 Journalist Habits Survey
Five years ago we added our first social media features - the ability to create and manage RSS feeds, the ability to quickly share content with news sites, and the easy inclusion of embedded video and images directly into the press release and news stories. Then a year later, we added the ability to automatically publish from the online newsroom directly to social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, and Blogger. As social media gained acceptance and grew in popularity, we continued to add features into the online newsroom that would allow communicators the ability to centralize all of their content and then use social media channels to distribute and promote that content.
Each year, we work hard to release an updated version of our Online Newsroom solution. We get feedback from clients, partners, journalists, and from our own internal teams.  Our 11th version includes upgrades in social media and the increasing importance of responsive design in mobile applications. Additionally we've implemented both an integrated media database, and monitoring and analytics, all from the online newsroom. Schedule a quick guided tour of our latest online newsroom platform.

The online newsroom has transformed from a destination for journalists to a centralized content and distribution platform that is attractive to not only journalists, but also investors and analysts, researchers, consumers, employees, partners, and other key influencers. 
Our definition of an online newsroom contains four main areas: Content, Tools, Distribution, and Analytics. Within these areas we believe there are key features that define the core of what an online newsroom should have, as defined by our research with journalists and social media news consumers. Each of these features can be upgraded and "socialized" to help turn your existing online newsroom into a social online newsroom that will allow you to take advantage of the new opportunities to increase your awareness, generate more coverage, and drive traffic to your brand. Additionally, by socializing your online newsroom, you are making it easy for journalists and news consumers to share your information with their friends and co-workers, which helps your message spread virally and become more relevant over time. Are you interested in finding ways to save time, money and extend your organization's reach? Schedule a quick guided tour.
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