One of the biggest benefits of an online newsroom is that you are able to instantly track metrics. As a communciator, you have the ability to create a message and then very quickly see how many people are viewing the various news stories, press releases, audio, images and video. Most successful online newsrooms have a standard site metrics package that allows for basic statistics. Google Analytics allows you to take your analytics to the next level by providing an abundance of reports and constantly evolving features. Being able to track UTM codes from your various social media campaigns gives you insight into which social media outlets are performing and which are not. Did you know the TEKGROUP online newsroom platform allows you to check out your Google Analytics traffic stats right from your dashboard?

Traditionally, it was important to know which content was being visited most frequently. Most online newsrooms have reports showing which videos and images were downloaded the most. Now, with the popularity of social media, it is increasingly important to understand what is happening in these various outlets. New dashboards and reports showing the number of times a story has been shared or liked on Facebook, retweeted on Twitter or voted up or down on news aggregate services like Digg, are become standard so that communciators can get a pulse for how their content is being distributed and whether or not the message is resonating.
Social media monitoring tools such as Klout are getting more sophisticated and can be used to measure your influence as well as for keeping an eye on your competitors popularity.
Most successful online newsrooms have an integrated clipsheet or media monitoring system in place so that communicators can quickly see coverage that they are receiving in mainstream media outlets. Monitoring services such as BurrellesLuce, VMS, and Cision are able to provide real-time reports and links to various clips and generally are integrated into the online newsroom for internal use or for display on an "In the News" area of the online newsroom. Likewise, social media needs to be monitored and there are a host of tools and services that allow you to monitor your brand, your executives, and your products in the social media space. 
By allowing people to register with an online newsroom and customize their experience and preferences,  communicators can get a better idea of the success (or failure) of their online newsrooms. If people are signing up for email alerts and overwhemingly interested in financial information, then communicators know that perhaps they can offer even more news and financial content. If communicators find that people are registering for email alerts about a particular product, then communicators can promote or highlight that content throughout their online newsroom. By creating user behavior reports that track where people are coming from and what they are doing once they are on your online newsroom, a more rich and tailored experience can be created.  

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