The BBC announced its first foray into short-form video (6, 15 and 30-second) mobile news. It’s called Instafax and it’s delivered via BBC Instagram to BBC news consumers. Granted, it’s not all that and a bag of chips on quality – but it’s a start. Other companies, like NowThis News, have been at this for a while – more polished and more widely delivered on social sites like Facebook, Vine, Twitter and Snapchat.

So, how is this important? The PR industry has debated for years the value and ethics of the video news release (or VNR, as we call it) – usually long-form, scripted, with looks-like-a-news-package quality and cost. But, I don’t know of anyone in PR, yet, who is into supplying news outlets with short-form corporate video news for distribution via the publication's social news channels.

How might this work? Easy. Buy a tripod or mount for your iPhone (very important). Record something of news interest (even more important!). Edit video in Magisto (good app). Post short-form video story (shortie!) to company’s online newsroom. Tweet links to your shorties to your news media contacts. Watch as news media download and spread your shorties to their news consumers. Track distribution of your shorties through your online newsroom’s monitoring dashboard

You could also try re-purposing some of your existing corporate video into smaller chuncks. But it's best to begin a video project with distribution in mind. Telling a story in 6-15 seconds can be a tricky.

Finally, grab some distribution data from your online newsroom and report your content marketing innovation to management. Take credit for the idea…no worries!

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