18 December 2015

Lenovo Launches New Multimedia and Social Focused Online Newsroom

Lenovo recently relaunched their online newsroom with a focus on multi media and social media.  The site contains all of the necessary elements such as news releases, executive bios, blogs, press kits, photos, logos, videos and featured stories, but puts an emphasis on social. 

Social Media: Word of Mouth, Amplified Exponentially

It’s something of a truism by now that social media is vital to business success, but the “why” and ROI behind social media’s importance are often harder to pin down. In an article for Chicago Now, Genevieve Valliere explores the “why” and offers this assessment: ‘When it comes to choosing where to spend money, above all else people love a “social proof” recommendation.  . . . Makes sense doesn’t it? It’s good old word of mouth, dressed up by technology.’
Social Media Users Self-Segment: Where to Find the Young, the Female and the College-Educated

Social Media Users Self-Segment: Where to Find the Young, the Female and the College-Educated

The social media landscape is changing, according to just-released survey findings from the Pew Research Center. Over the past year, Facebook’s growth has slowed while Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn have seen notable increases in new users. More importantly for marketers and other communications professionals, social media is becoming more segmented, with young, female and college-educated users gravitating toward Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, respectively. 
As Social Media Become More Powerful, the Key Players Shift Positions

As Social Media Become More Powerful, the Key Players Shift Positions

As social media become more and more important to marketers, the key players are shifting positions. A new study in the UK showed LinkedIn eclipsing Twitter as the number one social network for content marketing, with 96% of respondents saying they used LinkedIn to distribute content in 2014. Twitter was 7 points behind, with 89% saying they used the micro-blogging platform to distribute content. Only 69% of respondents said they used Facebook to distribute content in 2014. A separate study from GlobalWedIndex found that although Facebook has more than 1.3 billion monthly users, just half (52%) describe themselves as “active” on the platform in late 2014, compared with 70% in late 2012.
LinkedIn’s InMail Change Rewards Quality Content Marketing
09 January 2015

LinkedIn’s InMail Change Rewards Quality Content Marketing

If you’re still thinking of LinkedIn as a place to build your career rather than your business, you’re missing out on what the professional networking site has to offer—LinkedIn has become an increasingly important content marketing platform, especially for B2B companies. Now, as Julian Chow reports in Hypertext, a change in LinkedIn’s InMail policy makes the site an even better place for creators of quality content marketing.
20 December 2014

Email May Not Be New or Cool, But It’s Still the Killer App

Although we’re increasingly being told that email is outdated and largely ignored by anyone under thirty, a new study from the UK shows that email marketing is six times more effective than social media. Shopping and price comparison website Give as you Live, a shopping and price-comparison site with a strong charitable giving component, surveyed over four thousand shoppers in the UK and found that nearly two thirds (64 percent) would interrupt what they were doing to click on an link in a retailer’s marketing email. Only 10 percent said they’d click on a retailer’s link on a social media site.
15 December 2014

Effective Content Marketing and Smart Technology Cut Out Costly Steps

“Here’s the formula if you want to build a billion-dollar internet company,” says Twitter founder Ev Williams, “Take a human desire, preferably one that has been around for a really long time … identify that desire and use modern technology to take out steps.” Jay Acunzo of the Content Marketing Institute quotes Williams in a recent post focused on the ways smart content marketing, like useful technology, removes steps.