3 Ways to Boost SEO

3 Ways to Boost SEO

According to TEKGROUP’s latest Social Content Marketing Report almost 100% of survey responders cited Google as the place where they begin a search. Because of this, enhancing your company’s SEO, plays a vital role in generating new leads, gaining prospective customers and retaining current ones. Below are 3 proven methods to get the SEO results you are after:

Content Marketing to Focus on Distribution and Social

If you’re planning your budget, or thinking about how best to spend what’s left in your coffers, take a look at this article from Forbes, The Top 7 Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate. In it SEO expert and blogger Jayson DeMers predicts that budgets for content marketing will reach new highs across all industries, with a new emphasis on distribution and social media. 
Content Marketing Boosts SEO, But Distribution is Still Key to Success

Content Marketing Boosts SEO, But Distribution is Still Key to Success

According to a recent post on Search Engine Watch and, let’s face it, common sense, 93% of online research begins with search engines, and businesses that publish high-quality long-form content frequently tend to do better in search engine rankings. And while 87% of buyers say that content has an impact on their purchasing decisions, 43% say hard selling is a turn-off, two stats that together suggest the power of educational, informative content.
17 December 2014

Once Strange Bedfellows, SEO and PR are Now a Power Couple

Not all that long ago, SEO and PR would have been considered strange bedfellows—distinct entities and with distinct digital marketing features. But now the two are married, according to John Rampton, who says in a recent Forbes post that “SEO and PR now are working more closely together within a new integrated and evolved digital landscape.”
11 December 2014

Great News for PR: Google’s Spiders Now Love Good Writers

 “Google has slowly made PR the focus of searching online. And it’s up to you to capitalize on it,” says Mickie E. Kennedy in a recent post on B2C in which he explores the effects of the so-called “new SEO.” If you’ve been around long enough to remember the Wild Wild West days of the late nineties’ web and its primitive search engines, you know that, largely thanks to Google, we’ve come a long way. No longer is keyword-stuffing the ticket to high ranking, and Google’s latest update has taken the “fair search” trend even further.