It seems as if every organization – big or small – has an online newsroom. Although, most just contain a listing of press releases or a small gallery of images. Typically to maintain a successful, effective online newsroom, there are several key elements that must be included. Creating and publishing content on a regular basis is of utmost importance, along with ensuring that the content is relevant, shareable and contains some multimedia elements such as photos or videos.

Why are these retail organization newsrooms best in class?


Focuses on Stories about their customers, products and employees

The REI newsroom is socially integrated, providing website visitors with the ability to share stories, photos and videos across a wide network of social sites including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The REI newsroom also includes news stories segmented by various topics including Gear & Apparel and their new Stewardship program. For those interested in keeping up-to-date with REI news, there is an Email Alerts subscription that allows people to sign-up to receive frequent email updates. The site features embedded video and several photo albums, including many high-resolution, print-ready images of hiking trails featured in their recent “Every Trail Connects” campaign.


Focuses on Social

T-Mobile has harnessed all of their various channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube into one "social wall" that displays tweets and posts and videos from anyone using various T-Mobile hashtags and categories. This helps others see what is being said about the company at a glance. T-Mobile also publishes their news content directly to their various social media channels, giving journalists and news consumers many more channels to find updates and breaking stories.


Brand Journalism

A great example of brand journalism is Sprint and their website On this site Sprint discusses topics such as: recycling and repurposing programs so cellular phones don't end up in land fills, the Sprint Drive First App to make safe driving a priority, and how they are working to get internet service to 50,000 disadvantaged youth throughout the country through President Obama's ConnectEd Inniative. Through the use of brand journalism, we know Sprint cares about the environment, they want to make the roads a safer place, and they are helping those that don't have access to the technology needed for a proper education.

Many retail organizations are taking advantage of the cost savings and increased awareness that can be achieved with an online newsroom. The above examples highlight some features and strategies that you can leverage when updating your online newsroom. Our research reports highlight many best-in-class online newsrooms in various industries.  Sometimes these examples can help inspire your team to consider implementing these ideas as well.  If you would like a quick guided tour of these or other newsrooms that interest you, simply click here or email and we can set everything up.


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