Over the past several years, visitors to websites have increasingly been using mobile devices such as an iPhone or iPad. In order for content to be legible and accessible on these devices, website developers have had to increasingly ensure that their sites are mobile-friendly, or responsive, using newer technology and programming methods.

In a recent article by Nikita Geldenhuys titled, “Five content marketing trends that survived 2016” it’s absolutely no surprise that “mobile-friendly content” was listed among the 5 trends. Mobile compatibility was among the SEMrush blog’s nine emerging content marketing trend predictions for 2016. The blog writer’s advice on the subject? “With 3.65 billion mobile users across the globe, you need to incorporate content that’s mobile-friendly in your marketing strategies. Responsive website design, embedded videos, and other mobile elements will become staples of content marketing in the coming times.”

Some key statistics from online newsroom provider TEKGOUP’s research on mobile technologies over the past several years include:

· 83% of mobile users spend at least 1 hour per day on their device; 13% more than five hours per day.
· 92% of mobile users follow breaking news
· 82% of mobile users follow/monitor news sources
· 97% of mobile users have viewed photos
· 78% of mobile users visit corporate news websites
· 73% of mobile users visit corporate online newsrooms

In a recently published published article on Business 2 Community by George Beall and titled “8 Biggest Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017” the author states that: “Last year, more users accessed the internet through their mobile devices than desktops for the first time.”

Toyota saw this trend in the making and moved forward with their responsive design. Today their online newsroom is completely adaptable without the need for a separate mobile website. Mobile visitors make up a significant percent of Toyota’s online newsroom traffic – including iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, and Motorola mobile devices. The responsive design allows for seamless management of their website, without worrying about a completely separate mobile application that can be costly and may involve separate maintenance.

As we’ve seen with social media, mobile technologies are always becoming increasingly important in the overall news landscape. Ensuring that your corporate website, your online newsroom and your social media channels are available, visible, and readable on mobile should be of upmost importance in 2017.

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As online newsrooms become more valuable as a method of distributing timely and relevant news to journalists and news consumers, it is apparent that mobile-friendly content is important. Cater your content and website to your mobile users. You’re missing out on a big opportunity if you don’t.

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