Creating content can be one of the most challenging parts of maintaining a successful online newsroom. It takes time, planning and research to be able to create unique and compelling content that journalists and news consumers will want to read.

Recently, we put out a list of 15 effective ways to create content, some of which are below.

1) Pay attention to current events. What is going on in the world and how can you tie this in with your product or service?

2) How is your company helping the environment? People never tire of reading about this because it makes them feel good about using your product or service- good juju.

3) How is your company or how are the people in your company helping the less fortunate? Focus on a different person each month and the charity they volunteer their time with.

4) The Pop Culture Tie-in. How can you use a Jimmy Fallon skit or latest Voice performance in relation to your company? We are such a digital society that even if people don’t watch TV they probably saw a favorite clip on YouTube.

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