Online newsrooms have become an integral part of every communicator’s tool kit. There are four key indicators that you need to consider when creating or upgrading your newsroom to save time and money for your organization.

Are you still using the news wires for press release distribution?
The news wires have been with us for many years helping to distribute corporate news and satisfying government regulations. Things have certainly changed. In 2008, the SEC allowed for disclosure via a website and in 2013, made it clear that social media channels can also meet these requirements. According to our research, 97% of journalists prefer to get your news via email. Social distribution helps quickly target your audience while making it easier for them to share your news.  Do you want to learn more about how others are saving money?

Are you frequently printing, shipping, bulk emailing your press materials?
If your organization is still mailing your media guides, media updates, and CD’s/DVD’s to media contacts, then you need to consider a more cost-effective way. Journalist’s of all types – TV, print, magazine, radio, online - went digital years ago and expect you to do the same. An online newsroom provides you all the tools and storage space you’ll need for your press materials. Do you want to learn more about how companies like Toyota and MGM Resorts save money with their online newsroom?

Is your IT department is too busy to help?
With an online newsroom and its built-in content management functionality you’re always in control of what appears on your site. At any time you are able to update, publish and distribute your content, without your IT department. You can manage your email and social distribution and get all analytics, without your IT department. Do you want to learn more about the control that you can get with an online newsroom?

Are you getting the media coverage you’d expect?
Is your daily monitoring clipsheet looking a little thin? With an online newsroom you can publish your content locally, and target it to the right journalists, investors and other key influencers – all from one location. This allows you to open direct communication with the people who are mostly likely to write about your brand, republish your news, and link to your content. Do you want to learn more about daily coverage reports and increasing media awareness?

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