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by Ann Glenn
The results of our annual survey of US journalists have been tabulated, and for the first time it’s clear that the online newsroom has reached critical mass. In other words, an online newsroom is no longer a nice-to-have for your company or organization— it’s a must-have according to the 685 journalists who completed our survey.

In fact, 97% of journalists told us that it was important for a company or organization to have an online newsroom, with nearly half (45%) saying that an online newsroom is “very important.” More than half (55%) visit an online newsroom at least once a month and nearly that many (45%) visit at least once a week. Just as in the late 1990s it became a point of legitimacy vis-à-vis consumers for a company or organization to have 
 a high-quality, highly usable website, so it’s become important to have a professional, easy-to-navigate, up-to-date online newsroom if you want to attract and maintain the interest and respect of journalists. 

And if you’re thinking this requirement holds true only for large companies or organizations, the 2015 Online Newsroom Survey Report shows that company size doesn’t matter to journalists—85% said they visit the online newsrooms of large, small and medium-sized companies, with only 8% saying they visit only newsrooms of large companies and organizations.

Yes, journalists actually want your emails
Not only do journalists visit the online newsrooms of a wide variety of organizations frequently, they like to sign up for and receive email updates from online newsrooms. 92% said they like receiving news updates via email and 94% said they prefer to receive story ideas and pitches via email.

One-stop shop
While your press releases and breaking news stories are important to journalists, 86% of those surveyed said that they want to access news coverage from other outlets within your online newsroom. Moreover, 91% said they want to find information about your products in your online newsroom, and 88% said that an online newsroom should provide information on all of a company’s brands. Taken together, these findings suggest that journalists want to rely on your online newsroom as a research hub—a single source where they can find a wide range of information. 

Something old, something new
This year in the survey results we saw an interesting pattern in preferences:  journalists placed a high value on both the most traditional elements of public relations—PR contacts, press releases, breaking news, events calendars—and on the so-called “new media” elements of an online newsroom—things like mobile access, social integration, and sophisticated search functionality. To get the skinny on the features that journalists said were most important, download the 2015 Online Newsroom Survey Report today. 

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