25 March 2014

By Ken Payne

Historically, promotion is the one area of the marketing mix where public relations played a key role. But the traditional focus of promotion within a company’s global marketing plan was on the company’s product or service the iPhone or the manicure - not the actual product of public relations, which we decided earlier is content. Click now to see how content plays a pivitol role in promotion.

Promotion within the context of social media focuses on two-way communication with consumers – “listening and learning” instead of the traditional one-way communication of “telling and selling.” Marketing promotion relies on sending brand messages to consumers to get them to purchase. If they can relate to the message then, in theory, they buy the product. PR marketing is focused on building stronger relationships through communication.

“It’s how you think about how the three forms of media – paid, earned, and now owned and how they interact with each other that will make the difference,” notes Scott Monty, Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager for Ford Motor Company.

Traditionally each of these has lived in its own silo and has done its own job. But there’s more possibility now in terms of leveraging one to help the other – we’re going to see a greater cumulative effect of digital media as a result.”

Simply put become an information broker to promote your PR content. And the key to becoming an information broker is sharing. Links, bookmarks, recipes, birthdays, competitor URLs (you read this right) share everything!

I signed up for a Twitter account recently and we now have almost 350 followers, which I think is pretty good since we did not advertise [the account] at all,” claims Becky Frusher, Communications Manager for Curves International, the largest fitness franchise in the world. “And a lot of our followers are Curves franchisees that want to get Curves news. Then they are re-tweeting it or posting it on their Facebook or other social media site. It’s so easy!

Letting people share your news with their friends and co-workers is a great way to increase your content reach and online newsroom traffic. Viral marketing works but only if you encourage “spreadibility.” Here are a few tips to make sure your not missing a content promotion opportunity:


  • Become an information broker within your news blog send a useful link or video; tell your fans what you’re reading or what you’re watching. Try to connect on a personal level.

  • Try not to be 100% focused on your company’s content in our online newsroom. Social media is about sharing link to external blogs, videos, and news articles when possible.

  • The media need to get something out of the time they spend with your online newsroom. Share everything you can – even if it’s just a tip, trick, or industry insight.

  • Don’t just share links to articles in your blog or Twitter feed. It makes you look like a robot. Add your opinion - your distinct, human voice.

  • Provide subscription access to newly posted releases via Really Simple Syndication (RSS). This provides another, more immediate method to share content with constituents.

  • Post content links to Twitter through the online newsroom for wider distribution of you key messages. Re-tweets and mentions work!

  • Think of YouTube as a video news distribution site that provides greater visibility to the digital assets you are already publishing within your online newsroom. 


Steve Momorella

Online Public Relations
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Content. Convenience. Collaboration. Cost. It’s a new vocabulary for public relations, and a new way of thinking about marketing your message. At TEKGROUP we know about the 4 Cs of connecting you to your publics via an online newsroom. It’s the only thing we do. For free, no hassle demonstration of our online newsroom software, contact us today at marketing@tekgroup.com, or give us a call at 734-945-7790. 

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