13 May 2014

8 Publicity Fails of PR Pros and Over-Eager Entrepreneurs
Inc.com - Suzanne Lucas - May 13 at 11:43 BST
If your PR person isn't getting you results, these missteps might be to blame. The first commandment for landing publicity: Thou shalt not annoy. I get a ton of emails everyday from readers...

PR Insider: Tend To Your Own Brand Garden
PRandMarketingnetwork - May 12 at 17:21 BST
Just ask any of the Big Four accounting types what ranks among a public company’s most-valuable assets, and they’ll tell you it’s the company or product brand name. Tangible assets such as real...

Want to Land a Dream Job? Improve Your Social Media Profile and Job Search
Atlanta Journal And Constitution - May 13 at 14:32 BST
Social media and mobile technology are driving the trends today, and...

Forget Social Media Monitoring – Here Comes “Content Listening”!
Business 2 Community - Jonathan Rose - May 13 at 14:15 BST
If you have spent any time in digital marketing over the past few years, you’ll no doubt be aware of ‘social listening’ or ‘social media monitoring’. Social media monitoring has gone hand-in-hand...

What Is The Value Of Social Media Engagement?
Forbes.com - Kyle Wong, Contributor - May 13 at 14:03 BST
There is no ROI in anything if you don’t learn how to use...

Is Social Media Working for You?
FOXBusiness.com - May 13 at 13:51 BST
Anybody can sign up for a social media account and understand its general premise. Does that make you capable of using it for business? Like anything in business, social media (done right) requires...

Social Media Newsfeed: Twitter Adds Muting Feature | Facebook Self Esteem
Social Times - Tim Sohn - May 13 at 13:45 BST
Click here to receive the Morning Social Media Newsfeed via email. Twitter Rolls Out a Way to Mute Your Chatty Friends (Re/code) Twitter on Monday introduced a muting feature, which keeps you...

Why Social Media May Be Your Best Sales Lead Generator
Business News Daily - May 13 at 13:28 BST
Five years ago, the primary function of social media for businesses was community building. Today, the role of a company's presence on popular social networks has evolved to include customer service,...

Why Your Content Marketing Must Get More Granular
CMO.com - May 13 at 5:28 BST
We seem to be reaching the saturation point for posts about how content marketing...

Jumpstart Industrial Content Marketing with Application Notes
CRM Guru - Achinta Mitra - May 13 at 3:54 BST
Application Notes or App Notes are very effective and can help you jumpstart your industrial content marketing , especially if you are stuck because of lack of content. Application Notes are closely...

Freshen Up Your Content Marketing Strategy in 4 Easy Ways
Ezine Mark - May 13 at 3:09 BST
For the past years, you have been working hard on your web content to improve its visibility and increase returns. You were able to amplify your online presence and continually run a thriving...

Content marketing: New name, old skill
Construction News - May 12 at 21:42 BST
The concept of content marketing is enjoying a renaissance, heralded as a new way to influence potential customers in an environment where traditional forms of promotion are losing influence. So...

3 Examples Of Content Marketing That You Didn’t Realize Were Content Marketing
Business 2 Community - Matteo Duo - May 12 at 18:55 BST
At its core, content marketing is a tool : growing awareness around a specific product or service by diluting and masking the advertising message attached to it. With that in mind, many types of...

How Marketing Automation Software Can Create Loveable Marketing
ClickZ Today - Jon Miller - May 13 at 13:56 BST
When used thoughtfully, marketing automation software has the power to create loveable marketing by personalizing content, keeping unwanted sales calls at bay, and aligning the marketing to the...

What’s The Future Of Email In Hospitality Marketing | SAS
Hospitality Net - May 13 at 11:50 BST
SAS This week I spoke with Bruce Swann, Customer Intelligence Solutions Manager for SAS, about the role that email will play in the future when it comes to hospitality marketing. Bruce is a veteran...

Can’t find a .com address? Try .foo — or .xyz
Venturebeat - Dylan Tweney - May 13 at 4:27 BST
Above: You might be seeing this a lot more, if new .xyz domains take off. Image Credit: photo credit: fakesalt via photopin


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