27 June 2014

Videos are on the upswing and images are generally shared the most on social media
MediaBUZZ - daniela@mediabuzz.com.sg - Jun 27 at 17:50 BST
Adobe released its latest Social Intelligence Report recently and the results of the study allow us to draw conclusions on the changes of CPC (cost per click) and CTR (click-through rate) on...


How Social Media Transformed the World Cup
The Next Web - Jason Shen - Jun 27 at 17:46 BST
Jason is a Marketing Manager at Percolate. This post originally appeared on the Percolate blog . The 2014 World Cup is in full swing and has lived up to its name as the globe’s biggest sporting...


Social media stocks start to bounce back CNBC
Yahoo! Finance - Jun 27 at 17:28 BST


98% of US charities on social media, study finds
Charity Digital News - Rebecca Horsley - Jun 27 at 15:57 BST
According to new data from the  University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research ,...


How Psychology Will Shape the Future of Social Media Marketing
Huffington Post - Jayson DeMers - Jun 27 at 14:13 BST
With marketing analytics software so pervasive, marketing professionals have the power to monitor everything on a business's social media accounts. How many retweets did a post get? Did customers...


Adidas, Nike battle for social media World Cup
Finance 24 - Jun 27 at 14:12 BST


The Public Relations Debate About Global Warming Heats Up
Forbes.com - Robert Wynne - Jun 27 at 0:11 BST
The denial of man-made global warming is one of the greatest PR campaigns in history.  With echoes of the industry-funded research from tobacco companies that denied links between smoking and lung...


Apple abandons Aperture in OS X Yosemite
Venturebeat - Ruth Reader - Jun 27 at 18:17 BST
When Apple releases OS X Yosemite later this year, it will come with at least one substantial change: the demise of Aperture. Instead of offering the...


Feed the Marketing Automation Machine with Interactive Content
Big News Network - Jun 26 at 22:17 BST


The Future of Journalism
ABC Online - Jun 27 at 6:30 BST
  What is the future of journalism? What will...


Chick-Fil-A's Twee New Food Journalism Site
Mother Jones - Kiera Butler - Jun 27 at 0:29 BST
Perhaps hoping to distance itself from its in 2012, the fast-food chicken chain Chick-Fil-A has launched a folksy new food journalism site called Let's Gather: Yes really. Check out the actual site,...


Is New Journalism Cooperative Deca The Future Of Digital Publishing?
Forbes.com - Naomi Shavin - Jun 26 at 20:00 BST
Imagine this: You read deeply researched, long-form stories from around the world on your tablet, by either subscribing or by paying per story. Your experience is advertisement free. If you want to...

Content Marketing, Predictive Dialing Means Better Leads
TMC Net - Jun 27 at 18:17 BST
Content marketing’s purpose is to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content with the intention of enhancing consumer behavior. It is an ongoing...


What Children’s Books Can Teach Us About Content Marketing
Business 2 Community - Amanda Clark - Jun 27 at 17:35 BST
Perform a quick Google search for the term “top children’s books” and you’ll immediately see a lineup of familiar favorites: Where the Wild Things Are. Green Eggs and Ham. Goodnight Moon. The Very...


What Do You Want Your Content Marketing to Achieve?
Chief Marketer - Beth Negus Viveiros - Jun 26 at 17:55 BST
Content marketing that connects with audiences in a measurable way is essential for B2B social success, especially on LinkedIn. “Marketers need to remember that just because something is content...

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