13 June 2014

Phil Dunphy, Danny Tanner & More: Content Marketing Advice from Famous Sitcom Dads
Business 2 Community - Nicole Karlis - Jun 13 at 14:36 BST
These sitcom fathers don’t just know good parenting. Since Father’s Day is just around the corner, here are some content marketing lessons we can learn from them, too. Dads on wildly popular sitcoms...


5 Essential Thought Leadership Skills For Content Marketing Success
EIN News - Jun 13 at 4:54 BST
Today - 02:35 GMT There are a ton of people doing content marketing right now, but most of...


Investigative journalism conference brings hundreds to Winnipeg
CBC - CBC News - Jun 13 at 11:11 BST
Veteran U.S. reporter Carl Bernstein, best known for uncovering the Watergate scandal, is among the hundreds of journalists, academics and advocates gathering in Winnipeg for an investigative...


Spotlight: Actual journalism prevails: TweetDeck was just vulnerable to misuse, not hacking
FierceEnterpriseCommunications - Scott M. Fulton, III - Jun 13 at 0:46 BST
Click here to see a sample. Journalism typically takes longer than "tech news"--first it has to go out asking questions, and then it has to spend time explaining all the answers. Time which "tech...


Online Journalism Is Suffering Print's Fate
Bloomberg - Megan McArdle - Jun 12 at 22:50 BST
If you want the pithiest summation of the problem facing modern journalism, here it is: dollars in print, dimes on the Web, pennies on mobile. That's advertising revenue we're talking about....


Here’s how to defend yourself from Facebook’s new browser-spying campaign
Venturebeat - Mark Sullivan - Jun 12 at 21:28 BST
Image Credit: Jolie O'Dell/VentureBeat How can you leverage mobile to increase profitability for your company? Find out at MobileBeat , VentureBeat's 7th annual event on the future of mobile, on July...


EMC President: 7 Digital Marketing Success Factors
Huffington Post - Vala Afshar - Jun 12 at 21:23 BST
At the intersection of products and marketing is where Jeremy Burton has found his dream job. An engineer by trade, Burton served EMC as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for three years before taking on...


BlackBerry grasps at mobile payments in attempt to stay relevant
Venturebeat - Eric Blattberg - Jun 12 at 18:36 BST
Above: A BlackBerry user Image Credit: Stephan Geyer / Flickr 0 0 Thank you Please make sure both your and your friend's emails are valid. Send to: Separate multiple addresses with commas...


Internet ad revenues hit $11.6B in Q1, proving we’re addicted to our gadgets
Venturebeat - Ruth Reader - Jun 12 at 16:07 BST

FIFA World Cup generates record Social media traffic
INooz - Jun 13 at 15:54 BST


Iraq shuts down social media to prevent government overthrow
Venturebeat - Harrison Weber - Jun 13 at 15:48 BST
Above: Fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) celebrate on vehicles taken from Iraqi security forces, at a street in city of Mosul. Image Credit: Reuters


What Twitch Tells Us About the Future of Social Media
Business 2 Community - Matt Foulger - Jun 13 at 15:35 BST
Last month the tech media was buzzing with news that Google is looking to acquire Twitch, a live streaming video platform for video gamers, for $1 billion. Considered the ESPN of video games,...


IMG Sports boss discusses the marketing power of social media
Digital Journal - Jun 13 at 13:12 BST
George Pyne, the president of IMG Sports and Entertainment, explains why social media is a powerful marketing tool for sports brands and superstar athletes in this thought-provoking essay. The Rise...


AAUP conference sessions focus on academic freedom in relation to social media
Inside Higher Ed - Colleen Flaherty - Jun 13 at 9:31 BST
WASHINGTON -- From censored tweets to viral videos of professors’ partisan “rants,” numerous faculty members have found themselves in hot water over how they’ve used or been portrayed on social media...


Is Social Media Recruiting Useful for Hiring The Right Candidate?
Recruitment Buzz - Nathan Kitto - Jun 13 at 9:28 BST
A shortage of talent is a fact of life for most businesses. Or is it? Could it be that we just can’t find the  talent  we need? Could it be a case of looking in a full closet and not having a thing...


Five key elements of public relations
Real Business - Jun 13 at 11:26 BST
So often when starting a new business relationship, our first challenge is to explain what Public Relations actually is and why it is important. Part of the reason why PR efforts are often...


3 Unique Advantages that Public Relations Bring to Digital Marketing
5W Public Relations - Ronn Torossian - Jun 13 at 8:55 BST
Digital marketing requires that your business be able to reach as many people as possible before working to gradually turn fans into loyal customers of your brand. This is an effort that takes...

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