According to the 2018 Online Newsroom Survey Report, 89% of journalists are visiting online newsrooms of companies that are small, medium, and large.  Meaning, not only large companies are drawing important news traffic. In fact, only 2% stated that they visit the newsroom of large companies exclusively. Small startups, not-for-profit, educational and healthcare organizations are all able to easily publish and share their message with a large audience, like never before. With an online newsroom, all companies, big and small, can create relevant and timely content and distribute directly to targeted journalists, bloggers, news consumers and social media users.  You don’t have to have a million dollar budget to have an effective newsroom.
Below are three examples of how not-for-profit organizations are leveraging their online newsroom for success:
The nonprofit Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) online newsroom can be found at and is an excellent example of a centralized communications hub.  They provide a journalist resource section complete with media kits, story ideas, images and videos along with several articles to help educate the public on how they can prepare for any and all natural disasters.  The site has become a trusted resource for local newspapers and TV stations that need emergency and crisis information quickly.



The Carle Foundation is another great example of an organization using it’s news to share community stories, provide tips on staying healthy, and educating the general public on current healthcare trends.  Their newsroom is full of best-in-class features such as social media embeds on all stories and press releases, press kits, and “in the news” section. Carle’s online newsroom uses brand journalism to tell stories that impact their industry and ultimately their customers. 


The National Peanut Board uses their online newsroom as their primary communications website to publish news, updates, recipes, health related content and facts about farming peanuts.  They also have a featured section on dealing with peanut allergies.  The organization leverages their news content to provide a resource for journalists and enthusiasts on a regular basis, helping with education, healthcare, and providing inspirational cooking ideas.


The fact is journalists and the general public visit the newsrooms of organizations both big and small. Just because your organization is a nonprofit and not a public company, you can still benefit from the use of an effective online newsroom. Companies are saving both time and money by efficiently using news to help grow their business, awareness and exposure. 
At TEKGROUP, we have done extensive work with nonprofit organizations and have highlighted some best-in-class examples in our 25 Amazing Online Newsrooms Report.  Click here to download.


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