Steve Momorella

Online Public Relations
Phone: 734-945-7790
According to a recent post on Search Engine Watch and, let’s face it, common sense, 93% of online research begins with search engines, and businesses that publish high-quality long-form content frequently tend to do better in search engine rankings. And while 87% of buyers say that content has an impact on their purchasing decisions, 43% say hard selling is a turn-off, two stats that together suggest the power of educational, informative content.
But as marketers are learning, content creation is only step one in the process—it’s crucial to distribute your content effectively, something only 26% of marketers invest in, if you want to see real returns on your content marketing efforts. The TEKGROUP online newsroom platform, with a built-in email marketing tool and a distribution network of over 400,000 Twitter and Facebook users, is something to consider if content marketing is on or near the top of your 2015 To-Do List. 

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