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In our last post, we looked at three content features— PR contacts, press releases and breaking news—that journalists ranked high in importance in the 2015 Online Newsroom Survey Report. But in today’s digital world, “content” is defined more broadly than “text,” so in this post we’ll explore the multimedia elements of an online newsroom—things like photos, videos and audio files—and their relative importance among the journalists we surveyed. We’ll also take a look at online newsrooms that do multimedia well.
A photo is worth a thousand words
Given the budget cuts at media outlets over the past several years, it’s not surprising that 96% of journalists said photos are important, making them the #5 feature to have in your newsroom. High-quality photos can make the difference in getting a story published about your company or organization, so providing an easy-to-access, well-organized photo gallery on your news site is crucial. Some companies and organizations simply make all photos available to all users while others choose to make photos available only to members of the press who register on the news site. And some choose a middle path, making a selection of (often low-res) photos available to all but offering other images (usually high-res) only to registered users.
The Florida Keys newsroom provides an extensive photo gallery that includes both high- and low-res images. 

Not surprisingly, newsrooms in the travel and tourism industry tend to do a great job with photo galleries—they have beautiful places to photograph and they have an interest in getting travel journalists to write about their resorts. The Florida Keys’ newsroom at offers a selection of stunning photos organized by location. The low-res photos are available to any user and the high-res versions are available only to registered site users. MGM Resorts’ newsroom at offers albums of high- and low-res photos organized by topic, such as “Environmental Sustainability.”
Videos to make your news viral  
Videos were also among the top 20 features journalists value in an online newsroom, coming in #17 on the list with 81% of journalists saying they are important. Offering high-quality B-roll video in your online newsroom makes it easy for local stations, digital news outlets, and sometimes even larger TV networks, to include a video clip of your product in a news story. Plus, providing videos in your online newsroom will help journalists tell your story and eliminate the costs of sending DVDs or large digital files to members of the press. And posting videos to your online newsroom, YouTube and Vimeo increases the likelihood that your video—and your news—will go viral.

Toyota's online newsroom offers galleries of downloadable high-res B-roll video for each of its major brands. 

Toyota does a great job incorporating video into their online newsroom, Videos are often used in press releases and other news stories on the site, and the Toyota newsroom also offers video galleries for each of the company's major brands. Travel Alberta offers a gallery of breathtaking videos in its online newsroom,, enticing travel journalists not only to write about Alberta but to also visit.
Audio files still matter to journalists
Although audio files were not among the top 20 features, a surprising 67% of journalists in our survey said audio files are important to have in an online newsroom. The CDC makes excellent use of audio files in its online newsroom, offering an audio version of most key stories and providing an archive of podcasts.
 The CDC's newsroom provides audio files of most major stories and an archive of podcasts. 
Check out our last post on the traditional content components journalists value in an online newsroom. And to find out more about the other features journalists look for in a news site, download our 2015 Online Newsroom Survey Report today.

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