Does your business or organization have digital assets in various places? Is this storage costing your company thousands of dollars a year? How are you getting these videos and photographs in the hands of various journalists? Are you spending thousands of dollars using the wire? 

Below are 3 companies who cost effectively utilize their online newsrooms for digital asset management:

1)    Toyota utilizes their online newsroom to host low and high resolution photographs for every make and model of car/truck/van/SUV that they manufacture. These photographs are available to download for journalists, news consumers and customers alike.  According to TEKGROUP’s latest online newsroom survey, over 90% of journalists responded that is is important for an organization’s online newsroom to provide photographs (both high and low resolution).

2)    Florida Keys has become a trusted source for news.  Local news outlets (Florida Sun Magazine & Key West Vacation Magazine) and national media (CNN & Fox News), both rely on the site for updated news, weather and events making the site popular for traditional media. Moreover, the site has also become a destination for social media users. More than 15% of site traffic comes from Facebook and another 5% from Pinterest, Twitter and blogs.  Having a robust and relevant digital archive will not only increase your awareness and exposure to the media, but also provides a content hub for social media enthusiasts.

3)    The MGM Resorts online newsroom takes using their online newsroom for digital assets management to a whole new level. They have featured photos and videos on their homepage and entire albums for “company news, environmental sustainability, diversity & inclusion, philanthropy & community, and M life rewards” and this is just on their corporate homepage. When a journalist or news consumer clicks on a specific resort such as Bellagio and Aria, they also have featured photographs on the homepage along with albums titled: “exteriors, resort, dining, entertainment, nightlife, gaming, attractions, meetings & conventions.”

If you are like many marketing and PR departments struggling with managing your digital assets – videos, photos, whitepapers and research, consider using your online newsroom as a digital asset content hub and in turn making it a go to source of news and information for journalists and news consumers alike.

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