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Manufacturers have embraced content marketing with a vengeance, according to 
recent post on CustomerThink by Achinta Mitra, who reports that 61 percent of manufacturers engage in content marketing and 54 percent are planning to increase their spending on content creation. On the downside, according to Mitra, only nine percent of manufacturers know how (or that) content marketing contributes to sales. 

While the “more-is-better” approach may have some validity when it comes to SEO, “just publishing content without a good content marketing strategy isn’t going to move the needle for manufacturers and other industrial companies,” Mitra says, lamenting that “[t]here is very little time spent, if any on discussing the ‘Why’ . . . the focus is on the ‘What’ as in “what should we write about?”
Mitra suggests five areas of focus for improving content marketing results: goal setting, audience targeting, messaging strategy, distribution and measurement. Getting away from the “one-size-fits-all” mentality is crucial, he notes, and tailoring messages to particular segments is necessary for success. Likewise, he says a “post-and-pray” approach is doomed to failure—you need to distribute your content and do so in a targeted manner. And, of course, you need to determine success or failure using the right metrics.
Whether you’re a manufacturer or any other kind of marketing professional, these five simple areas of focus are worth taking to heart. Finding the right tools for your content marketing efforts is equally important—you need a platform that helps you segment your audiences, distribute the right content to each segment, and measure your results. Our online newsroom helps you do all of these things and more, for much less than you might think. 

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