26 August 2014

Posted by Laurie Mayers

LinkedIn has become more important to news consumers and creators in the last three years, according to our 2014 Social Media News Survey.

Survey respondents this year were more active on LinkedIn, had more connections, and more of them named the professional social network as a top place to follow, share and post news and information than in 2011. To be specific:

  • In 2011, only 32% of respondents had 100 or more connections, while in 2014, a whopping 83% had crossed the century mark.
  • Three years ago, 23% of respondents had no connections on LinkedIn. In 2014, the non-participants were down to 4%.
  • This year, 75% of respondents named LinkedIn as one of their top platforms on which to follow, share and post news and information on, up from 52% in 2011. In contrast, Facebook’s numbers were static (86% both years), and Twitter’s were down (from 90% to 75%).
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Download the entire 2014 Social Media News Survey Report by clicking the image above.

Our survey supports recent news from LinkedIn: The company announced in April that it has reached 300 million users, with a growth of 8% in just the first three months of the year. Two-thirds of those users are from outside the U.S. And members are no longer concentrated in the IT and financial industries: The fields of healthcare, construction, education management and accounting are now in its top five professions.

So are you spending more time on LinkedIn, and less time on Facebook and Twitter?


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