11 July 2014

Posted by Ken Payne

Nobody wants to be “routine.” How boring – so mechanical and predictable. But mechanical and predictable behavior also suggests a certain amount of comfort and ease with the task at hand. No internal arguments. No constant weighing of pros and cons. Just do it!

A couple of years ago the good folks at Edison Research produced and distributed their Social Habit research report – all good stuff. You can still find and download the report for free with a quick Google search, and I highly recommend you get a copy. It contains lots of interesting behavioral findings like:

·      Two-thirds of Americans had never followed a brand in social media

·      Around 22% of Americans use social networking sites several times per day

·      Only 33% of respondents had ever heard of LinkenIn, with around 13% of those having a LinkedIn profile.

·      About 4 in 10 accessed social networking sites at least daily using their cell phones, with more than a quarter (26%) using the same device to update their status.

Okay, so not exactly routine behavior…yet.

Our just-released 2014 Social Media News (SMN) Survey suggests media users have, in the last couple of years, become more habitual in using social media tools and networks for viewing, creating and sharing news and information.

In comparison to the Edison report, our new report finds:

·      81% of SMN respondents use their smartphone to access their social media tools

·      82% said they had more than 100 connections on LinkenIn

·      78% indicate they spend a least 1-2 hours per day using social media tools

·      90% connect with people in their profession using social media tools

Now that’s comfort and ease with the task at hand! You can download the entire Social Media News Report for FREE - all good stuff.


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