11 September 2014

Posted by Laurie Mayers

News flash: Social media tools are important to the great majority of news creators and consumers for sharing and recommending (77%) and for posting and writing (71%), according to our 2014 Social Media News Survey.

Okay, maybe not a news flash to most. But the growing reliance on social media and its associated tools and technology is becoming what many would categorize as an addiction.

A group of sophisticated communications consumers told us in detail about their addiction to social media in the survey. But although a growing reliance on social media is obvious to the most casual of web users, we gained interesting insights on professional usage and tools of choice. For example:

·      Smartphones are the overwhelming device of choice for using social media -- 82% use their smartphones daily for that purpose. But the laptop (67%) and the venerable desktop (51%) ranked ahead of tablets (33%) for daily use.

·      Social news mavens use social tools first to keep up with those in their profession (90%), followed by family (74%) and people with shared interests (63%).

·      More than half (52%) of respondents say news from social media sources is about the same or better in reliability and accuracy as news from traditional news sources. That’s less than in 2011, however, when 63% thought social media news was at least as reliable as traditional news. 

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