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Forbes contributor Bruce Kasanoff had an interesting headline in our In The Loop newsletter: A Secret Little Trick To Achieve Immense Social Media Success.

Okay – so it made me click. I want immense social media success, and so do you! Right?

Turns out Bruce’s little trick contains a good bit of strategic online newsroom advice: stop counting your followers.

“The race for more followers is a fool’s mission,” Bruce writes. “You are not NBC in the good old days. To succeed, you do not have to attract a third of the nation’s viewers.”

As Bruce points out, if you’re not Coke or Pampers you don’t need a mass audience. Now take that thinking to your online newsroom – if you’re not Coke or Pampers, you probably don’t need to reach every media outlet in the free world to have a very successful media relations program and online newsroom.

“If you had to meet all your followers in person, wouldn’t it be better to attract five or ten followers a day,” Bruce writes? “And wouldn’t it be better if every follower was deeply interested in your unique talents, experiences and opinions?”

Now take a look at your online newsroom registration list. Scan your e-mail alerts database. Check your online media requests for information. Or even audit that media list you purchased last year because you wanted to triple your press release distribution numbers. How many of those folks do you actually know? How many of them know you? Are any of these journalists truly interested in your company, your products and services, or your CEO’s opinions?

And what about the other audiences that now use your online newsroom - your customers, clients, and stakeholders? Do you know them? Do they know you?

“The secret to social media success is to focus on attracting a small number of people with whom you actually wish to interact,” Bruce asserts in his article. “The more you think of your ‘followers’ as actual people, the closer you will come to using social media in a highly powerful manner.”

We couldn’t agree more, Bruce. Focus on a small number of journalists - actual people who cover your industry or issues - and establish a productive relationship with them using your online newsroom. Do the same thing with your core customers and key clients.

Now you know the secret little trick to immense online newsroom success!

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