Learn How to Create Great Content for an Online Newsroom

Learn How to Create Great Content for an Online Newsroom

Join PR News on January 22, 2015, from 1:30 to 3 p.m. ET, for a webinar focused on the essentials of creating and managing your own brand newsroom. Discover why a dedicated newsroom operation is a necessity for organizations of all sizes and learn how to develop and distribute compelling content efficiently.  
Beyond “Post and Pray”: How Manufacturers (and Everyone Else) Can Improve Content Marketing Results

Beyond “Post and Pray”: How Manufacturers (and Everyone Else) Can Improve Content Marketing Results

Manufacturers have embraced content marketing with a vengeance, according to recent post on CustomerThink by Achinta Mitra, who reports that 61 percent of manufacturers engage in content marketing and 54 percent are planning to increase their spending on content creation. On the downside, according to Mitra, only nine percent of manufacturers know how (or that) content marketing contributes to sales. 

Mobile Technologies Are the #1 Driver of the World’s Digital Economy

A recent post on the World Bank’s website underscores the growing importance of mobile technologies in developed and developing countries alike. According to Digital Megatrends 2015, a global report from Oxford Economics, executives around the world ranked mobile as the technology that will have the greatest positive impact on their business over the next five years. Mobile ranked above business intelligence, cloud computing and social media in the survey. 

News consumers & creators start with NYT, WSJ and CNN.com

Despite the acknowledged 50% drop in traffic to its homepage over the last three years, The New York Times was the top resource for news junkies in the 2014 Social Media News Survey.

Social media: More and more, where we get our news

If you are a frequent user of social media channels, you have no doubt on learned of a breaking news event there – Joan Rivers’s death, or Ray Price’s sickening domestic violence video, to cite recent examples. But is there more here than meets the "like" button? Click to find out!

Addicted to smartphones, connections and social media

News flash: Social media tools are important to the great majority of news creators and consumers for sharing and recommending (77%) and for posting and writing (71%), according to our 2014 Social Media News Survey. Okay, maybe not a news flash to most. But the growing reliance on social media and its associated tools and technology is becoming what many would categorize as an addiction.

What the savviest news consumers do in social media

Pew Research’s Internet Project found earlier this year that 74% of all online adults use social networking sites. Among our respondents, however, only 1% never use social media tools. Click to see how else news mavens are different in their social media habits.

Social media news still gaining in importance

Almost half of the respondents to our 2014 Social Media News Survey consider news from social media sources as at least as reliable (48%) and accurate (52%) as news gathered from traditional sources. Interestingly, the percentages of those who deemed social media important news tools rose substantially during the period. 

The press release: Not as dead as you think

If you work in public relations or marketing, you may have heard – for many years now – that the press release is dead.  But our 2014 Social Media News Survey indicates otherwise. When asked, “How often do you make use of press releases when following, sharing or posting news and information?” about three-quarters (74%) of 171 news consumers and creators surveyed said they did at least sometimes, and 35% used press releases “very often” or “all the time.”