Are you spending more time on LinkedIn these days?

LinkedIn has become more important to news consumers and creators in the last three years, according to our 2014 Social Media News Survey. Survey respondents this year were more active on LinkedIn, had more connections, and more of them named the professional social network as a top place to follow, share and post news and information than in 2011. Click now for the specifics!

Online Newsrooms Level The Playing Field for SME’s

We’ve all heard it said that size matters in just about everything - CEO’s are, according to research, taller than most other folks in the company. And according to the Harvard Business Review, companies with short, simple names attract more shareholders, generate more stock trading, and perform better on certain financial measures than companies with longer, hard-to-process names. But when it comes to news and information management via an online newsroom, it seems one can throw company size out the window.