What to do when there's a crisis: 5 ways the online newsroom can soften the blow and mitigate the damage.

How can an organization use their online newsroom to mitigate the damage of a crisis?

Five ways an online newsroom can save your company a little green

Looking to save a little green on St. Patrick's Day? Here are 5 ways an online newsroom can save you money as the central hub of your digital communications strategy.

7 Reasons to Love Your Online Newsroom on Valentine's Day

7 Reasons to Love Your Online Newsroom on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day offers a time of recognition and admiration for the people that really matter in our lives. It also brings with it an opportunity to reflect on the things that make our lives better – more simple, manageable, and pleasant. Indulge us, then, a moment of admiration for the online newsroom – that admirable collection of computer code that sits diligently in your task bar waiting to serve and support your public relations efforts.

Social Video From The Online Newsroom

The PR industry has debated for years the value and ethics of the video news release (or VNR, as we call it) – usually long-form, scripted, with looks-like-a-news-package quality and cost. But, I don’t know of anyone in PR, yet, who is into supplying news outlets with short-form corporate video news for distribution via their online newsroom to social news channels.