Everyone knows content marketing is one of the hottest buzzwords sweeping the digital PR industry.  But what does it really mean? And more importantly, how can you leverage your organization’s news content to take advantage of potential coverage, site traffic, and increased awareness?  Ensure that you are capitalizing on ways to use your online newsroom for content marketing by going through this short check list.
1) In the News
What others are saying about you is vital! If you are mentioned in your industry’s trade magazine or a reputable blogger posts a story about your product, be sure to share this on your newsroom and throughout your social channels. Have your company's news automatically uploaded to a special section of your newsroom (after someone makes sure the news is positive, of course). This “in the news” section includes positive mentions of your company that someone else is writing. Capitalizing on these mentions consistently keeps the content on your online newsroom fresh and relevant while at the same time strengthen SEO.
2) Stories 
In addition to your standard, formal press releases, consider taking advantage of other happenings within your organization and industry at-large. Create stories about how your customers use your products, or how one of your vendors is doing something innovative. Consider having others within your organization help create these stories or work with industry bloggers to curate and syndicate their posts inside your newsroom. The more content you create that speaks to the heart of your organization’s mission, the more connected you will become with your core audience.
3) Thought Leadership
Your employees are the subject matter experts so why not use them to help create content? As noted above, leverage your internal staff for story ideas, thought leadership and subject matter expert posts. For example at http://news.abbvie.com, you can read on the topic of immunotherapy, written by two Ph.D.’s from within the company. On the REMAX online newsroom http://www.remax.com/newsroom you can learn first time home buying tips from real estate veterans that have partnered with the organization to provide content. These types of thought leadership articles will go a long way to help sharing and building trust with your potential customers. 
4) Journalist Resources
This section can contain a plethora of information that makes it easy for journalists to research and write about your brand, service or product. Make sure to include story ideas, press kits, B-roll quality video, high resolution photographs, executive bios, detailed contact information, and customer stories. Providing a one-stop-shop for journalists will help them get what they are looking for quickly, efficiently, and leave them more time to write about your brand.
For a quick demonstration on how the TEKGROUP online newsroom platform can help you better utilize your company’s current assets for content marketing, simply email steve@tekgroup.com.

More online newsroom resources are here : https://www.tekgroup.com/research/


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