The idea of content marketing has been around for quite some time, but never has it been more relevant to the Public Relations and Marketing Industries. Being able to leverage news stories, images, and video in a way to gain awareness is the goal of all successful content marketing strategies. Creating newsworthy stories with shareable multimedia is the fundamental building block to this success.

Many companies are employing this tactic very well and below are three examples:

Image result for 200x200 Federal alliance for safe homesFLASH (The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes)
With their “Fight Wildfire Before it Starts- #NoFuelNoFire” campaign, FLASH is offering tips, advice and news about a very important home ownership topic. Timely, relevant and useful content will more likely be searched and shared across social media, further increasing readership and awareness. FLASH also offers home maintenance and yard work best practices and also seasonal and weather related content such as “Making Small Winter Weather Preparations Now to Save Big Dollars Later”, and other safety tips for your homes and families. All of this content positions their online newsroom as a go-to resource, not only for journalists, but also general news consuming homeowners.

AbbVie, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, has several articles and stories located in their newsroom that focus on their industry, instead of themselves. “Five Facts You Should Know About Breast Cancer” discusses the role of genetic mutations and breast cancer and “Marking the Route to Sustainable Health Care” discusses a pilot program in Europe with the goal of not just helping people live longer, but better. These types of stories give AbbVie’s name greater visibility in the large healthcare industry, and they become a resource for anyone looking for specific information.

Renown Health
Renown Health discusses ideas that are continually relevant such as “Car Seat Safety Tips from the Experts” while also addressing trending health concerns such as “What’s New This Flu Season”. These articles are not pointing customers directly to their hospitals, but are giving the public and potential customers reliable and helpful advice from experts.

Companies big and small are taking advantage of employing content marketing strategies with their news. An online newsroom is the perfect content hub for all of your organization’s news, stories, video, images, and social media channels. By marketing your news content directly to your possible customers, you can establish a trusted relationship which will lead to increased awareness, visibility, and eventually directly impact the bottom line.
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