Research from an online newsroom survey conducted this year, showed that journalists expect organizations to have an up-to-date, multimedia showcase of news content. Not just a list of press releases, but an interactive and social media enabled communications center for a company’s brand.

Below are 10 steps to help you create a more effective digital public relations presence:

1) Offer email alerts to receive news- 100% of journalists surveyed prefer getting email alerts to any other way of getting information from your organization.

Tip: Add an email signup button to your online newsroom

2) Personalized and target your news- 70% of journalists want only news that interests them and their genre of writing

Tip: Continuously update your lists by topic

3) Search the archives- 100% of journalists would like to be able to perform an advanced search within your online newsroom to find the information they need.

Tip: Make sure advanced “search” is an option within your online newsroom

4) PR contact access- 100% of journalists would like access to your organization’s PR contacts from within your online newsroom

Tip: Always have updated and accurate phone numbers and email addresses of PR contacts listed in your online newsroom

5) Current Financial information- 73% of journalists believe it is important to access financial information (i.e. investor relations and stock tickers) within an online newsroom

Tip: Consider issuing an advisory release with a link directly to your financial releases

6) High and low resolution images- 87% of journalists would like to access print ready photos and images

Tip: Include tags with your images highlighting popular keywords like product names, executive names and brands

7) Video including BRoll- 79% of journalists would like to access video files within your online newsroom with 25% of them stating that it is very important

Tip: Link any YouTube or Vimeo videos you might have into your newsroom. Also, consider automatically publishing videos to Instagram and Twitter.

8) Thought leadership- 86% of journalists would like to be able to access executive bios and thought leadership pieces within your online newsroom.

Tip: Allow your subject matter experts to contribute articles, blog posts, and other content

9) Social media- 82% of journalists would like to access all of your social media environments such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from your online newsroom.

Tip: Embed all of your social feeds into your online newsroom so posts are in real-time

10) Background information- 88% of journalist believe it is important to be able to access an organization’s background information within their newsroom such as history, awards and white papers.

Tip: You have all of these items laying around the office- digitize them

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