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19 December 2014
Public relations and content marketing are often thought of as distinctly different disciplines, one residing on the outer rim of the funnel and the other near the point of purchase. But in a new post on HYPERTEXT, Mark Yeow suggests that content marketers could learn the art of storytelling from public relations pros and PR specialists could benefit by borrowing from the content marketer’s toolkit. 
“Many PR professionals see their toolkit consisting of the press release, the feature pitch and the media event,” says Yeow, which “would be fine, except the direct audience for all these tactics—media outlets—is shrinking faster than China’s GDP.” As the press shrinks (even the word "press" seems a bit antiquated), social and digital communities are growing in size and influence.
In addition to embracing social media, influencer engagement, content marketing, paid search and email, Yeow says, PR professionals need to “learn the language of ROI,” ditching the 'the cringe-worthy and outdated concept of advertising value equivalency, or “AVE"' and embracing Big Data by tracking key metrics and correlating them to certain tactics.
For the PR professionals feeling the pressure to prove their value, there’s no better addition to your toolkit than a TEKGROUP online newsrooms. The Swiss army knife of communications tools, the TEKGROUP newsroom platform offers phenomenal SEO, a built-in email marketing tool with a distribution list of over 240,000 journalists and bloggers, integrated social media with a built-in network of over 400,000 Twitter followers, and robust analytics to help you know and show the ROI of everything you publish.
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